Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Story for Fruit and Water Image!

I finally received 10 comments for the "Fruit and Water" image below. My wife, Isa, drew this image using colored pencil on paper back in 2002. Then I scanned it into my computer.

I asked her if she could create a drawing showing water coming out of a bottle and some fruit with faces floating. I don't know whether the "The Virgin" with the halo and the bird with the olive branch was my idea or hers. I can't remember! I asked her to draw it to contribute to the early stages in the development of "The World of Poeticah."

I used Paint Shop Pro to alter it some for presentation on the computer monitor and I also altered it more by making the colors more vivid and changing the aspect ratio to create an image that I thought would be better suited for t-shirts. Knowing what I know now, I think I would have been more cautious on how these alterations were applied.

I generated 4 new images from it applying the kaleidoscope effect using Paint Shop Pro. Can you find these kaleidoscopes in "The World of Poeticah?" Although I've received my 10 required comments, more comments or questions are always deeply appreciated in order to engage in a dialogue!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Twin Palms

Want to know more about this image? I need at least 10 comments.